Something 'flat' by Trina

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

HI everyone! Trina here with a little/big altered item I've made for a special purpose.
I don't know about you, but I struggle to do any kind of scrapbooking without dimension.
However, for this project, I HAD to have a flat surface. So I had to get used to it pretty quick.
So what did I create you ask?
I've taken a large ring binder and created a recipe folder.
I first got this idea from a friend of mine. She would grab recipes from magazines, newspapers, photos, whatever, wherever and then pop them into a clear file and into her ring binder.
So I started. And I have a horrible red one. It's full. And I love it. So when it was asked if anyone could make a recipe book for the women's refuge I help at, I said sure because I knew just the way to do it.
And here's how ....
1. Paint the edges of the folder....unfortunately my ring binder is bigger than 12" so I needed to 'pretty up' the edges where there would be no paper.
2. Using a liquid glue, adhere a sheet of 12x12 paper to the front of the ring binder.
3. Find some more paper that you can cut patterns from and adhere to the front.
4. Die cut extra pieces that you need and add 'recipes' to the front.
5. Cover with Modpodge so it can be cleaned easily.
6. Give to your intended recipient.
I know, it looks pretty 'simple' but it's going to work a treat in the kitchen and will be kept relatively clean without all the dimension I'd normally add.
I hope you give it a go. It's so easy and makes for a wonderful way to store recipes, easy to get to and always able to be cleaned!
Have a great day!


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